Viaskin® patch

Viaskin® patch

Viaskin® patch.

A novel pharmaceutical process

We have engineered our proprietary manufacturing technology for Viaskin® patch, which is designed to comply with the most stringent pharmaceutical production standards, including those promulgated by the FDA, in order to enable Viaskin® to deliver proteins via intact skin

This novel pharmaceutical process, fully developed by DBV, uses an electrospray to spray homogeneous, thin, dry protein layers onto the Viaskin® patch.

This process sprays a liquid solution of electrically charged proteins onto the patch’s backing, which is then turned into a dry solid charged particle, which remains stuck onto the patch’s backing. This fully patented technology is highly scalable and complies with cGMP requirements.

Three important characteristics of our Viaskin® technology platform contribute to its potential safety and efficacy:

The Viaskin® patch contains the antigen in dry form

The Viaskin® patch allows it to retain its chemical properties optimally.

The Viaskin® patch creates a condensation chamber with the skin

This increases the hydration of the skin and solubilizes the antigen, which allows it to penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis. Here, the antigen is close to the most tolerogenic antigen presenting cells in the body, Langerhans cells.

The Viaskin® patch delivers the antigen directly to the Langerhans cells but not into the bloodstream, thereby avoiding systemic allergic reactions.

This mechanism of action leads to the potential safety of the Viaskin® patch, which has been observed in multiple clinical trials in over 400 subjects. 

The primary components of the Viaskin® patch

Below is a diagram reflecting the primary components of the Viaskin® patch: