Electrospray Technology

The principles of the Viaskin® electrospray technology

A liquid flows at a constant speed through a capillary and is subjected to a high voltage electric field (20,000 volts).

This process can transform these electrically charged liquid droplets into micrometric charged droplets going directly onto the patch guided by the electric field lines created by the high voltage.

We have engineered our proprietary Viaskin® patch with an electrically conductive backing in order to use an electrospray in its assembly.

This conductive backing is placed under the machine’s cone at a specified distance; the patch is also grounded so that the electric field lines can be directed onto its surface.

The dry particles from the electrospray follow these field lines and settle on the patch’s backing due to the attraction and conductivity produced by the electrostatic forces on the ground. 

Due to this process, the dry protein layers on the patch are homogenous and no loss of substance occurs during the spray. 

The electrostatic attraction between the particles and the medium keeps these particles attached on the patch.