Epicutaneous Immunotherapy (EPIT®)

Our therapies are based on epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT®), a method inducing desensitization in allergic patients by delivering allergens through the skin.

We have developed an innovative immunotherapy technology platform with the potential for sustained therapeutic effect, by delivering active biological compounds via intact skin.

Epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT®) consists in repeated application of antigen with Viaskin® on intact skin. EPIT induces a decrease of allergen specific responses (i.e. decrease of allergen-specific IgE, decrease of TH2 cytokine production, and decrease of local and systemic response after exposure to allergen) and increase of regulatory responses (i.e. increase of allergen-specific IgG2a or IgG4, increase of regulatory T cells (Tregs).

The effect of EPIT® is mediated by the induction of Foxp3+ Tregs. EPIT® appears to induce a large repertoire of homing receptors on Tregs, allowing migration toward different organs. We believe the Tregs induced by EPIT® maintain suppressive activity for a long period of time after discontinuation of the treatment. Our research has shown that EPIT® induces a sustained modulating effect of immune responses by generating particular Tregs that maintain for long term, and by deeply decreasing the TH2 responses.