About us

We are committed to finding a safe, effective and patient-friendly therapy for food and pediatric allergy patients, for whom there are no currently approved treatments.

Therapeutic field

Allergy is considered a “disease of the developed world” as its increasing incidence is proportional to higher living standards.

Viaskin® patch

Epidemiological studies suggest that over half of Americans are sensitive to at least one allergen.

Environmental and lifestyle changes, urbanization, pollution, dietary changes, development of sanitation standards and decrease in chronic bacterial infections all are assumed to be factors promoting the rapid increase in prevalence of allergy throughout the developed world.

Approximately 3% to 5% of Americans suffer from food allergies with a number of recent studies suggesting that approximately 8% of children have some type of food allergy.

Recent studies suggest that patients with food allergies are especially at risk of experiencing significant disruption in their daily lives.

Recent scientific studies suggest that treating allergies early in life could prevent disease progression or the development of polyallergies, however, no approved treatments currently exist for young allergic children. 


Our goal is to become the leading global biopharmaceutical company

Our strategy is focused on discovering, developing, manufacturing and commercializing treatments for food allergies:

  • Rapidly develop and seek marketing approval for Viaskin® Peanut;
  • Advance the development of Viaskin® technology platform into other areas of unmet medical need in food and pediatric allergies;
  • Become a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization of Viaskin® food allergy products in the United States and other major markets; and
  • Maximize the value of DBV’ innovative Viaskin® technology platform by building a broad immunotherapy product pipeline. 


Our proprietary platform is based on our epicutaneous Viaskin® patch.

We have designed and developed this technology internally, for which we have scalable manufacturing capabilities.

Viaskin® is an electrostatic patch, which may offer a convenient, self-administered, non-invasive immunotherapy to patients.

Once applied on intact skin, Viaskin® forms a condensation chamber, which hydrates the skin and solubilizes the antigen allowing it to penetrate the epidermis, where it is captured by Langerhans cells. Our pre-clinical research and publications suggest this unique mechanism of action may be safe and may allow for a strong and highly tolerogenic immune response.

This epicutaneous immunotherapy method may allow us to address food allergies, as well as unmet medical needs in other immunotherapy indications. 

Development stage