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DBV Technologies is the only company in the world whose products are designed to epicutaneously deliver on intact skin — via an epicutaneous patch — allergens for Epicutaneous Immunotherapy (EPIT) against food allergies or for allergy diagnosis.

DBV Technologies is a French publicly owned company focused on the development of innovative products for the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies.

DBV Technologies was founded in 2002 by leading French pediatricians, Professor Christophe Dupont (Head of the Neonatology Department in Paris at Saint Vincent Hospital), Doctor Pierre-Henri Benhamou, and engineer Bertrand Dupont (Arts et Métiers Institute), with funding from ANVAR. Leading investors in DBV Technologies include Sofinnova, Innobio, ALK-Abello, Lundbeckfond Ventures, Apax Partners, Shire Plc, ALTO Invest, Cap Devisif and Creagro.
DBV Technologies’ novel approach to food allergy diagnosis and treatment is focused on eliciting an immune response by targeting the antigen-presenting cells in the skin epidermis. The antigens (allergens) are delivered to the skin using DBV Technologies’ unique worldwide patented delivery system, VIASKIN®.

Using its proprietary patented delivery system VIASKIN®, DBV Technologies’ approach is to deliver biological immunoactive compounds, such as allergens, to the immune system by targeting the antigen-presenting cells present in skin. VIASKIN® is a non-invasive delivery system that utilizes electrostatic forces to present and deliver active compounds to the epidermis of the skin, without breaking the basement membrane (blood-skin barrier). As presented compounds, such as allergens, do not cross the blood-skin barrier, the risk of anaphylactic shock in allergic patients is dramatically reduced.

Allergy Treatment

DBV Technologies is focused on developing targeted allergy therapies using VIASKIN® technology specifically for patients with IgE-mediated food allergies, via its Epicutaneous ImmunoTherapy (EPIT) for Peanut and Milk allergy treatments.

Two products are under development:

  • VIASKIN® Peanut is the first peanut desensitization product ever developed for peanut allergies, a huge unmet medical need;
  • VIASKIN® Milk is specifically designed for patients with severe IgE-mediated milk allergies. It is the first medical desensitization product designed for cow’s milk protein allergy. This condition affects a growing amount of children, living with severe social and quality of life restrictions as a consequence. Medically, cow’s milk allergy is proven to play a pathogenic role in a large amount of disorders that are very burdening for children.
Allergy Diagnosis

Based on the VIASKIN® technology, DBV is developing products for the diagnosis of allergies. Diallertest® Milk is the first “ready to use” Patch-Test for the diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy in children. Diallertest® Milk is DBV Technologies’ first marketed product in the Diallertest® portfolio. It was introduced into the market in 2004 and is currently sold in France. Additional Diallertest® products are currently in development for the diagnosis of other food allergies, including wheat and soybean allergy.

Support and Awards

DBV Technologies has received the following awards:

  • December 2012 : OSEO public funds, for the development of Viaskin HDM - €5.1 million in milestones
  • January 2012 : Innovation aid grant from OSEO public funds– 640 000 euros
  • 2006: May -

    Prize for Innovation (122.7 KB)

  • 2005: June - EUREKA label awarded by the European Research Ministers
  • 2004: Etoile du Design awarded for the ergonomics and design of the Diallertest®
  • 2004: Oseo ANVAR support funding innovation: €600k
  • 2003: ALTRAN Foundation Prize (engineering assistance in the value of €1 million in 2004)
  • 2003: Club 92 Prize for research carried out by the DBV team
  • 2003: Oseo ANVAR support funding innovation: €440k

DBV Technologies has a strong intellectual property portfolio with patents covering both the technology platform (VIASKIN® technology) and the EPIT desensitization method.

Funding History

For more information on upcoming partnering opportunities, please click here.

Legal Mention

CNIL number: 1544201 v 0

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